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  • Thundergod
    I still have the laminated A4 with the most common coffees on it with pictures and how to make them, that I used when I first got my machine.

    It sits in the coffee equipment corner of the kitchen bench for old times sake.

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  • Steve82
    Yeah I have always thought along similar lines. Even just a laminated A4 with REAL pictures of the coffees that you make at the cafe, instead of regular and large.

    In my limited experience a lot of people see the internet as mostly BS and of not much use! Which in reality is true but it does not take much effort to sift through the dirt to find the nuggets, without the internet I would have never had the starting points to take coffee as far as I have.

    Generally if a cafe does not know what a Piccolo is, I go without.

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  • Rocky
    started a topic Make it easy on yourself

    Make it easy on yourself

    In my usual cafe with a mate for our Friday morning coffee & BS session.
    The regular Barista was not in but another very pleasant young woman 'standing in'.
    I gave our order to the Manager "Two Piccolo Latte - or Mezze as you like to call them".
    The Barista brought them to the table with the comment that she had not made these before so let her know how they were.
    They were a weak shot in a shot-cup with about 2cm of foam on top. Not very nice unfortunately.
    Afterwards I courteously explained how to make a Piccolo Latte and she volunteered that the Manager had told her how to make them.
    This was a bit of a worry in itself but the thing that struck me was that it was a shame to risk a failed order when there is so much info so readily available.
    Even ignoring the info on the net, quickly accessible from your smart phone, why wouldn't you have a small two-ring binder with laminated pages in Alpha-order (with pictures) for ALL the possible types of coffee.
    Only takes 15 seconds to access the info you need even when busy and saves 're-work'.
    I couldn't count the number of times I have received a blank look when making this order, and nobody ever asks me how to make it.