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The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney Today

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  • The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney Today

    The Rocks Aroma Festival between 10 and 5 in Sydney today is the city’s biggest celebration of the far more pleasantly aromatic black stuff.

    The main event will include 65 stalls from local roasters, anything coffee, tea specialists and food outlets.

    It looks like the day will be fine and sunny so you can expect a massive crowd queuing up for the brew.

    Breville is hosting the Breville Latte Art Smackdown for professional latte artists.

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    Spent the day there with my kids, absolutely crowded. The large crowd numbers dampened the experience and long wait times for a coffee.
    Hope everyone else enjoyed the day more than I did, somewhat disappointed.
    Enjoyed the Wood Fire coffee brand. It was a grogeous day weather wise :-) Mads


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      Made my way there this arvo, place was totally packed! Had a play with some machines from JetBlack and the Breville Oracle; that was my coffee fix for the afternoon.


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        Yeah... I didn't get there this year but in previous years anything after the morning is a non-stop shuffle and wait. Still always good to see the scene and catch-up with people you know.

        Quoted crowd numbers are always around 100,000, more when the sun is out so yeah... it's packed alright!

        Anyone take some pictures?


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          I got there at 2. It was jam packed. I was waiting in a line for 20minutes to order then another 10 for the order to be made up. 2 lattes. When leaving I wanted to try the wood fired beans but the queue was literally twice as long as the other one, so i gave up trying that coffee. Couldn't believe the crowd numbers. Nice day for it though.


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            Beautiful day it was today.
            Lines were ridiculously long. Bought 2 roasted beans.

            Looked like there were heaps more stalls last year so a little disappointed.


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              Originally posted by BlakTegra View Post
              Lines were ridiculously long. Bought 2 roasted beans.
              Only two? ;-(


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                Maybe there were a new geisha. $10 per bean.


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                  I went to the Aroma Festival for a while in the morning. Even by 11am it was packed. I had no coffee as I was not prepared to queue for half an hour. I did buy some chocolates and I watched some heats of the Breville Latte Art Smackdown.

                  Glorious weather.



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                    For those who are really into coffee, I suspect that it might be made obsolete by the coffee experience. I might fly up for a day to have a look see...


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                      Yeah, it was a great day weather-wise, but as far as getting a great espresso or mach' forget it. I got there around 10:30, tried a couple of espressos - disappointing. But I guess they were run off their feet serving that huge crowd, and you're not going to get their best.


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                        Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
                        For those who are really into coffee, I suspect that it might be made obsolete by the coffee experience....
                        I think that would easily be the case !
                        AF was like a street circus madhouse, Other than JetBlack, Breville and one or two other equipment suppliers, it was 90% "street venders" with enormous crowds lining up for some very rushed brews, junk food and chai latte's.
                        Some of those stalls must have had a healthy turnover !
                        One of the few bright spots was the "BarCoco" stall with the "Ape" coffee buggy and its Victoria Aduino lever group set up.
                        The low spot was the "brew in the bag" coffee, and the stall using pod machines !!... ( but still with a long line of customers ?)
                        I was glad i only had to walk over the bridge to take a look, and not make a day trip from out of town for that experience !


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                          Same as last year big street food event and one good day for natural vitamin D intake.