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  • Dat Recent God Shot

    I wonder if there shouldn't be a thread for a recent god shot you have made. Hadn't seen anything on the forums via search, but feel free to move, mods

    Anyway, using 5 senses harvest, on a kony-e that's only gone through about 250kg at most, probably less, on a machine recently cleaned (and never turned off so yeah, no scale, nice expobar 2grp)

    was wandering around, found a beautiful blind filter in a shop that fitted perfectly. Today, with a cut-off plastic cup i've had some amazing shots. Almost in tears. Literally.

    Tamped after some swirling and releasing of air. Starts with 4 distinct concurrent streams of beautiful orange-red coffee amazingness. I was looking at it coming out and SALIVATING.

    Needless to say, tasting makes for happy me.

    I'm not sure if the thread should have a point, but please, post your most recent 'got shot'.

    Maybe some pics tomorrow