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A question about beans and effect

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  • A question about beans and effect

    Been a little while since Ive been here, so thought I would share something.
    Made an absolutely beautiful coffee this morning, the Rocky grinder doing a marvellous job and the Breville, well, at least it didnt cost anything...
    I normally use my modified basket which is working well, the double basket so I get a nice strong coffee.
    We start the day with a mug, about 60ml of espresso shot, and hot milk (skinny) with not much froth (intentionally not much) so we have a flat white in a mug.
    I have been enjoying coffees like this since we got the machine and am reasonably happy with what I can achieve, probably because I dont know any better.
    Things that could make it better -
    - Faster heating of the milk, so there is less chance for water addition to the milk due to the steam...
    - A Silvia coffee machine, or a single group commercial one which is the option I prefer, except our kitchen cant fit one...
    - A real tamping tool, which WILL be the next addition, but I first need to modify a single basket to get rid of the crappy crema enhancer thing, then send both baskets off to Greg for the tamp tool (huon pine handle, of course, coming from Tassie and all)...
    - More practice at pouring art from the froth in the milk, have not achieved anything pretty yet apart from a heart...

    There is a local roaster about 100km from here that I sometimes manage to get to, but other than that I have bought beans from the supermarket.
    When I grind the packet beans, I find a grind setting works best at around 15 on the Rocky, too fine and the Breville cant pump it out, you know, drip drip drip of black syrup... Or you need to pack it a lot lighter.
    Yet the beans that are freshly roasted, a grind a fair bit finer is required like about 10 give or take.
    So I figure the beans from the supermarket are dry & brittle so they can more easily be ground to a powder but the fresh beans would have more of the essential oils in them so they dont fall apart (grind) to such a fine powder when put through the grinder... Does that theory sound about right?

    Something else our machine gets used for, the occasional espresso shot of an evening when we make Affogatos. Scoop of ice cream, shot of espresso, and a nip of one of the liqueurs from the cupboard - Kahlua, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Frangelico. Have tried Drambuie but ran out. Good fun!

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    Re: A question about beans and effect

    Supermarket coffee witl always be an issue. Is it possible that you can order some fresh roasted beans from your roaster - or failing that, order greenbeans from here and grab yourself a popper and start roasting your own.

    Even with the breville, you will get much better results.


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      Re: A question about beans and effect

      Or order online (see sponsors) and thatll be fresher than supermarket stuff.