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  • ADVICE PLEASE - Corporate coffee machines

    Hi All,

    Long time reader, never posted. Owner of a well-used Silvia.

    I'm hoping for some advice on the "least worst" option for coffee machines at my work in Perth. I have the opportunity to influence the process for us sourcing 3-4 new automatic machines for a new office building.

    They have to be automatic, given the number of employees and general office environment. This obviously severely limits (completely destroys?) the quality of the coffee we can expect. We have various machines in the business spread across multiple sites, and quality ranges from bad to worse. There are Nespresso machines and fully automatic ones using bulk packaged beans. The best coffee at present comes from Nespresso machines - which gives you an idea of how bad the others are...

    I'm hoping to get some good advice which will short-circuit the process of having to speak to half a dozen reps from different companies that offer beans-and-machine deals. Perhaps there is one that stands out from the crowd, or perhaps there's another option I'm not aware of.

    I am resigned to the fact that nothing we choose will actually produce good coffee - I just live in hope that it might be drinkable. I'm told by our Supply Chain Manager that it will come down to cost per cup.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    So you cannot be bothered to spend some time with the sales reps and find out what they offer?
    Choice will be based solely on price per cup and not any standard?

    Why bother?


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      At one stage we had a 'Lavazza Blue' pod machine in my workplace.
      I didn't like the coffee much as I am an 'Espresso' person and for me, pods are a totally different type of coffee.
      I just Googled their site out of curiosity and I see that they actually have a lot of different types of machines although ALL pod fed.

      Commercial link removed per site posting policy

      Another place I worked had a (rental) tall stand-alone unit with a bean hopper on top. The problem with these is that the bean you get as part of the package is invariably pretty poor and then it sits there on top of a hot machine all day...and then there's the powdered milk...and the cockroaches that live in it...

      Given the work context the chosen machine needs to be fully automatic - so a domestic-style full auto could be acceptable?
      Would just mean that the users would have to keep an eye on bean & milk supply, and you'd source your own bean (a good thing!)

      If the Bean Counter (Supply Chain Manager) is serious then just show him a picture of a jar of Instant coffee.
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        getting a super auto and sourcing beans from a local roaster might just make the coffee a little better than pod.

        you can try looking for:
        1. beans are not stale (so get the turnover right)
        2. machines are cleaned out/serviced regularly.
        3. the machines dont underdose and over extract.

        I know of a few roasters in perth who are happy to handle small, regular amounts of coffee at wholesale prices. PM me if you're interested =)

        just my 2cents... FWIW i havent tried a super auto with fresh beans, but have heard they are capable of at least getting better results than pod.