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Coffee Equipment guest appearances in Movies

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  • Coffee Equipment guest appearances in Movies

    Recently bought myself an old Europiccola lever machine from Italy and have been playing with it. Already getting excellent shots but wanted to research some more and was googling La Pavoni Europiccola and voila! James Bond! I'm sure it's appeared in this forum every now and again. Any other notable machines that has made their debut into movies of note? Please share!

    007 is obviously better with the gun than the espresso shot, and milk into the coffee and then steam?? I think they didn't quite research the machine all that carefully for "Live and Let Die."

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    Don't forget The Green Hornet (Kato) with his steam punk lever espresso machine that roasts within seconds and steams milk in the same time...I guess reality is not necessary in movies, but better looking caffe latte than 007 can make.