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Some questions for Andy

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  • Some questions for Andy

    Felt like I needed a treat today so ran some of my new bag of Andy's "WOW" through the Diadema.
    Usual duo of Piccolo Latte and a Macchiato.
    "WOW" could easily have been tailored exactly for my palate as it has everything that I want in a coffee.

    Made me wonder: (might be interesting to others as well)
    How long have you been producing "WOW".
    Was producing the blend mostly 'inspiration' or 'perspiration'. (Did you have to 'tweak' it over a long period or did you nail it pretty-well right away.)
    Did you try different roasts on the various ingredient beans to tailor the end result or did you have a good idea of what was going to work from the outset.
    Do you mess around with blending much or are you just flat out with all the work associated with roasting.