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  • Green bean supply outing

    Last night we had a friend over who is a coffee freak and lives in Country SA. Any way, a few weeks back I managed to get a tiger mountain coffee bag for him and as he was back in Adelaide for Easter, I roasted up some Tiger Mountain Beans to give.

    He arrived at our house as I was roasting his beans for him and he was most impressed, having not seen the roasting process before, let alone a green bean. He is also very impressed with his coffee bag too.

    After a beer or two [smiley=beer.gif] I showed him my stash of green beans in the cupboard. Of course I havent let OG know how many green beans I have acquired the last few months. ;D

    Now he knows.

    His comment was "how much do you intend on spending on the next Bean Bay Darling ???" :-?

    Of course I had to explain that I now had under 10kg of beans and needed a few more varieties and I should be getting more just in case.

    I just hope he has forgotten as he had more [smiley=beer.gif] to drink than me.

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    Re: Green bean supply outing


    If it helps, Im sure that myself, Javaphile and even Andy could post a pic of our respective stashes. Once he sees what ridiculous amounts some others have on hand, 10kgs will seem perfectly reasonable.

    At a quick glance in my shed, Ive got around 90-100kgs on hand.

    Of course, that might also prompt him to try and stop you from hanging out with weirdos like us!



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      Re: Green bean supply outing

      He is okay with it really. He was quite happy to explain to Mike how much better home roasted is and even suggested I get another popper next time I am at the Warehouse as a spare.

      He surprised the hell out of me when he explained how much different homeroasted fresh coffee tastes to anything else. I very rarely get any such feedback ;D :

      I am just looking forward to adding to my stash in the cupboard.


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        Re: Green bean supply outing

        Well I would offer for you to secrete some of your stash in our
        cellar, but Ive now nearly filled the old filing cabinet and spreading
        into the wine rack. Where will it all end??


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          Re: Green bean supply outing

          I promise I wont tell Mrs Hazbean... unlike the red sea blend slip :


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            Re: Green bean supply outing

            I think shes come around now. Last time I was filling out the order,
            trying to economize, she looked over my shoulder and said "what
            you havent ordered that? it looks interesting" so off we go again


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              Re: Green bean supply outing

              OG just leaves me to it, though I do get the dont spend too much lecture.

              He does enjoy trying new varieties though and is now asking what we are having and will offer little tasting comments.

              I have finally got him to try and start using the machine bow I have perfected the tamping and grinding etc. He actually made me a coffee yesterday. ;D


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                Re: Green bean supply outing

                Huh this thread makes me laugh.
                All sounds so familiar, but not just with this hobby.
                I bought 8.5 kgs last beanbay and must have gone through a 3rd of it already so will have to get at least 5kg. Not sure how many lectures I will have to go through.
                Actually went through 150gms of roasted just today so far as had some visitors and more coming.
                I got several : today as I picked up a Breville breadmaker (gained from Evilbay) and a cheap drill stand from Bunnings.


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                  Re: Green bean supply outing

                  Hi Lucinda,

                  I also have a passion for all things coffee related. I am loving my gene cafe and although my husband wont admit it, I think he really enjoys the coffee I make him. He isnt yet "allowed" to use my Silvia - we have "his" and "her" machines, and he only uses his (auto Saeco) when he is desperate for a coffee and Im not around. Id love to show him how to use the Silvia, but he doesnt seem very interested and Im afraid he would leave the steam on all day. I told him when he is ready to learn, Id show him how to use it (and write up a "cheat sheet card" so he doesnt forget the essentials, ie filling the water tank, turning the steam off, etc.).

                  Ive also shared with him that I have (once again) "upgraditis" and I plan on upgrading to something big and shiny (giotto?) in just over a year. I havent shared with him what the impact will be on his wallet, but Ive agreed to go to all Hawthorn football games with him for this season (go Hawks!). Given that Im not a huge sports fan AND I end up taking the kids out of the game when they get bored, I hope he realises what a sacrifice Im making ;-)

                  Cheers, Mary


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                    Re: Green bean supply outing

                    Originally posted by fatboy link=1176084716/0#1 date=1176086257
                    If it helps, Im sure that myself, Javaphile and even Andy could post a pic of our respective stashes. Once he sees what ridiculous amounts some others have on hand, 10kgs will seem perfectly reasonable.
                    Unfortunately at this time a pic of my stash would be anything but impressive. I have once again worked my way through almost my entire stash and theres only a lonely little pile of about 4kg left sitting on the shelves. :-[

                    I know, I know. Thats a shocking statement. Here, let me help you up off the floor.

                    Ive only enough left for one more batch of CP and a few espresso roasts. As soon as I finish my taxes here in a few days and determine how much Uncle Sam is going to leave me with I plan on doing a lite restocking to tide me over for a month or two until this seasons beans start arriving when Ill do a major restocking.

                    Java "Where did all the beans go?!" phile
                    Toys! I must have new toys!!!