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tell me its not rocket science---please

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  • tell me its not rocket science---please

    Hello to all--well my rancillio is on the way no grinder yet(2 more weeks of saving) but i cant wait SO im gonna fill the machine with water --put  some ground coffe in --- tamp it and when the machine is hot im gonna push hot water thru it then drink it i bet its ok to [smiley=shocked.gif] then after that i will improve with each  shot i make.

    But seriously folks i have only ever used a delongi  toy machine at work and the coffee was hot and had crema on top so
    can i hope to get a decent cuppa first off .

    Cant wait to get onto this rollercoaster i am already putting the breadmaker and fan in the shed to roast beans in a few months but first things first i suppose

    Where shall i get 250 g of fresh ground beans to start with untill i can grind my own?

    Reminds me of when i got my first boat i asked a mate what to do he said first put the bungs in then we will talk.

    Well i will let you know what happens with my first cuppa will it get drink or will it be swiLL
                                                  cheers       brian

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    Re: tell me its not rocket science---please


    Best of luck.
    A few years ago I went from a Delonghi home unit to a Silvia.
    It will probably take a few tries when you start, so dont despair.
    You will however, be fighting a losing battle until you get your grinder.
    Pre-ground is not going to give you decent repeatable results (unless you get very lucky).

    However, if you gotta wait, you gotta wait (just dont get too worried about your results until you get the grinder)

    Tamping makes a big difference.
    I bought a Pullman tamper before I got my machine, so it was ready to go when I got the Silvia. I tried some with the Pullman and some with the crappy plastic thing that comes with the Silvia and immediately threw the plastic thing into the draw of stuff you never use.

    How much you dose will play a big part, especially if you are not controlling the grind, so you might need to get inventive there.

    As for the beans, there are a couple of sponsors who will post ground beans to you. Coffee Hit, CosmoreX, Veneziano to name but 3.

    Check em out.


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      Re: tell me its not rocket science---please

      Gday Brian,
      as Brett has mentioned, youll find it very difficult to get a good result using pre-ground. On the upside, you may very well get cafe quality coffee from your machine now ;D.
      Where abouts are you located?
      You might be lucky enough to live close by one of the sponsors that sells coffee, and they can help you with the correct grind, bearing in mind that coffee goes stale very quickly once it is ground.
      Good luck with it.
      And to answer your question, yes it is


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        Re: tell me its not rocket science---please

        Ahhh, nothing but rocket science is rocket science, everything else is more complicated!

        Play with the machine a lot - I reckon unil you can grind the coffee yourself the best you can do is adjust the tamp so you might as well practice that. You will notice the difference once you have your grinder though!


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          Re: tell me its not rocket science---please

          Do you have a hand grinder? You could use that and get better results than using preground stuff.


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            Re: tell me its not rocket science---please

            I study rocket science...and coffee making is not rocket science.