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Same coffee, new beans - extraction issues

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  • Same coffee, new beans - extraction issues

    Evening all,

    I'm still new to the coffee making game, but after a few months I had a good barista come over and help me out, after that I was getting consistent good quality shots and my coffee was tasting better than some cafes.

    The beans eventually got too old so I bought some more from the cafe, they get them from a roaster in Sydney - the beans are fresh and the cafe makes hundreds of coffees a day, so naturally I am assured the beans are good.

    Since putting through 20 or so shots of the new beans, I cannot for the life of me make anything worth drinking! The coffee tastes dull and weak. Interestingly, the extraction appears to take the same amount of time & flow as the old beans, but the crema doesn't hold as it used to - and the puck is much more wet than I remember too.

    The machine is a Breville BES870 so has the built in grinder, using it at its finest setting, which again, used to get me good results. My tamping and dose hasn't changed either - for the life of me cannot work out what is going on!

    Any ideas?