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Washing (dry) beans?

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  • Washing (dry) beans?

    *disclaimer- i live in rural Cambodia, things are different here.
    The story-
    Yesterday while weighing up batches i spilt a handful of beans. Rather than picking them up off the chaff littered floor i swept them up and dumped them in our trash basket out front. It is monsoon season here and rained very heavily all afternoon and through the night. When I went to dump some trash this morning i noticed beans scattered around the basket. The first thing i noticed was how clean and green the beans were. I purchase Laotian ,Vietnamese and Cambodian beans all natural process: slightly ugly until the chaff blows off.
    My question-
    Is it possible to wash the beans and re-dry them? Would it significantly alter the beans aside from appearance? Has anyone personally tried this with naturally processed beans?
    On a side note two of the beans I looked at closer had sprouted overnight.