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Beans for aeropress?

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  • Beans for aeropress?

    I'm in the UK ordering beans on line (so Andy's beans aren't an option). I'm using an aeropress.
    Has Bean has an espresso pack, which is mainly blends, and a filter pack, which is
    mainly single origins. So I was wondering which would work best with an aeropress?
    Has Bean Coffee — Starter Packs
    And I suppose there's a more general question as to which beans are better for espresso and
    which for filter. I usually drink single origins but my last pack contained a blend and it worked
    well in the aeropress.

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    I've used the Has Bean filter pack (about 2 yrs ago) for aeropress and each component was pretty good. Alternately, most of their Central SOs were v.good in the AP, and their 'Philter' Blend was also v.smooth. I'll be back over there in a couple of months and will be very happy to continue using their beans. V.good (almost Andy-like) postal service.


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      Thanks. I'll give their filter pack a go. PS Like the coffee bean shop and their service is also good but their range of beans is a bit more limited.