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  • Coffee Drive Coffee for Sale

    With the assistance of Coffee Snobs, MatthewG and Fiori Coffee Roasters, I have 60kg of green coffee beans to roast and sell.

    However, exclusive to Coffee Snobs I will be offering the first option on the Zambian Lupili Estate as a Single Origin - since it is snobs who will most likely appreciate its qualities.

    The coffee will be roasted on May 7 and I will need to ship mail orders of the coffee the next day in express post packs to make sure it gets to people ASAP.

    I have three sizes on offer - although if you want more than 250g I recommend that you buy it in several lots of 250g so that each batch can stay sealed until you are ready to use it.

    I can also provide it ground for espresso or plunger, although I will carry out this activity grinding my teeth as well as the coffee (Mrs Grendel tells me I must be quiet and grind the coffee, but hey, Im a coffee snob!)

    The coffee will be available in 250g ($7.50), 500g ($15) or 1kg ($30) packs. Postage will be in express post satchels so 500g or under will be $7.20 and 500g to 3kg will be $10.10.

    For payment I can arrange a system like Andy uses for bean bay where you can pay directly into an account and I can send you an invoice.

    Although the main delivery will be right after the roasting in May, re-orders of any remaining Zambian and our blends (thanks to Matthew G for the Huge bean donation) will be available until June 23.

    For more information about the Coffee Drive, you can contact me on 0403 934 161 or at ‘Cupping’ notes about the Zambian Coffee for the roast can be found at

    Please order by May 1 to be included in the May 7 Roasting batch.

    Thank you all for your support!

    Michael Grendel Carroll – Coffee Snob and Father.