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Fresh roasted coffee + grind on demand = no more milk in my coffee

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  • Fresh roasted coffee + grind on demand = no more milk in my coffee

    Since I got a grinder and started buying whole beans from local roasters to grind on demand I've found that the taste of black coffee has been actually quite good! I've gone from only drinking coffee (instant, or supermarket pre-ground) with milk & 2 tsp of sugar to black with 1 or 2 tsp of sugar depending on the coffee... I've been drinking it black from the plunger, moka pot, espresso machine (short & long)... I can only conclude that instant and stale coffee needs milk to make it palatable... tho I haven't given up sugar I have reduced it a little... I actually find sugar brings out the flavours of the coffee... I find it easier to pick out the distinct notes (especially the fruity ones) with a little sugar added... I did actually find a couple of the different beans I've got actually did go quite nicely with milk too, but over all I'm drinking a lot less milky coffee....

    Being new to drinking decent coffee this is all quite the enlightening experience for me! It's a shame the Mrs isn't as enthused about my new found passion for coffee, lol

    I always used to think describing coffee as having fruity notes like apricot, mango, hazelnut, berries etc was totally ridiculous but after buying fresh Ethiopian beans and some Panama geisha I now realise how wrong I was