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Get ready to pay $34 for a coffee. Eventually

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  • Get ready to pay $34 for a coffee. Eventually

    Get ready to pay $34 for a coffee. Eventually |

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    Meh. Inflation is hardly a new concept.


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      There was probably a similar article in 1930, but they would have been talking shillings and pence


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        Try the Weimar Republic. Millions of marks for a coffee.


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          Its inflation. It happens every second of every day.
          While the average Aussie income is around the $55k region, im sure it wont be in 70 years.

          So this brings one the discussion of the future of coffee. Well what future does coffee have if we can't save our selves or the planet?
          For all we know, in 70 years we could be facing a worldwide drought and the only place left on earth where coffee could actually grow is the now defrosted Antarctica where they only grow rubusta which is controlled by the now defunct petroleum or pharmaceutical industry? Maybe then would $34 for a cup of coffee be a bargain.

          Has anyone seen my tin foil hat?


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            Had a real giggle at this statement, Frank Chung must only be a young fella

            "After all, remember when movie tickets were just $10? "

            I can recall when picture tickets were approx 50 cents, Saturday afternoon matinee was 15 cents, and the basic wage for a young person starting work was around $3 a week.

            Yep, inflation has always been with us and always will.


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              Of course, prices don't always go up. The retail price level in 1930(ish) was about the same as it was in 1890.


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                must have been a slow news day....


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                  If the planet doesn't get it self together on pollution, population and climate (not to mention religions getting along together), the globe will be a lifeless wasteland long before coffee ever gets to $34. a cup.


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                    IMHO, If it ever does get to that price...

                    Only rich people would buy coffee...

                    Coffee will be the new champagne...

                    And cafes will die out....

                    But us snobs will have our wine anyhow... even if it means growing our own coffee....

                    Really looking forward to get hands on with coffee really.... its a wonderful idea... but only if it gets too expensive due to the inflation concept...

                    Just hoping coffee doesnt get a tad too expensive....