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The remote control Artist coffee machine

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  • The remote control Artist coffee machine

    Hey guys i came across this the other day,


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    I have two thoughts/comments:

    1. Why is a an extremely well funded project like this on Kickstarter? I wouldn't want to deny them the opportunity to look for more funding to assist with their release, but if this is the sort of thing being found on Kickstarter now then I guess it's moved way beyond what it was originally intended for.

    2. I like the concept. I would argue against its ability to compete with a very experienced barista that knows their machines and beans really well, but if it lets you use fresh beans and allows you to control temperature then it's gotta be better than Nespresso. I wonder how it compared to top quality super autos like Jura and Delonghi?


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      If this thing can perform like they claim then it'll be excellent. They sure do seem passionate and thorough.

      I noticed that in one image, the guy looks like he is soldering onto an Arduino. It's quite possible and also a reason that it's so cheap if it's run off an Arduino with custom software. Not sure how they will manage high wattage components like the grinder, thermoblock and pump though. If that exploded view is of all the machine's componentry, it's missing a lot of parts that are standard in most automatic machines.

      Who knows, they may have developed a way around this to be able to use low power components. I'd probably buy one just to see how it works, would be fascinating.