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One small step for man, one giant step for coffee.

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  • One small step for man, one giant step for coffee.


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    HI Yelta,
    Always love your links to articles and comments....don't always agree, mostly do, but always enjoy the read. The one thing that springs to mind for me is that they have the perfect coffee storage medium in airlock with a vacuum - nearly absolute zero, a vacuum and no oxygen to make the coffee go stale. Would be better than the stuff they were probably drinking previously though..... I think that I would drink anything with caffeine in it if I were in space...


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      Thanks for the kind words Mariner.

      If I find an article interesting I feel others may feel the same way.

      Must admit had not contemplated storage of coffee in space, however on reflection I reckon your pretty well on the money, good observation.


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        It is estimated to cost US$4500/kg to get unpressurised stuff to the ISS and this machine weighs 20kg plus the consumables, I hope they really enjoy the cuppa.


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          that's amazing altho I have watched a video about the space station I dunno what u would do up there full of coffee,loads of energy and floating around at 1 mile an hours but very intresting indeed