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  • Feedback about Wega compact machines

    Hi All. Just looking for any reviews from anyone with experience at using a Wega Atlas Compact (EVD) or similar Wega and what you thought of it? It will be potentially used in a mobile coffee trailer hence the compact. If there are any other recommendations of small but efficient machines that can make a great coffee please feel free to offer advice. Thanks in advance

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    I'm a big fan of the Expobar Megacrem but Sanremo Amalfi is another fav. It comes in a high group for 16 and 20oz cups if that's your thing. Inexpensive and tough. Easy to obtain parts for both.


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      I use a rotary Wega Mininova at home. It's a solid machine. However, I find that even with a 2 hole steam tip, the steam is depleted quite rapidly so you might have problems steaming multiple pitchers in a row. I've not used mine at an event yet so maybe it does perform better once hotter and running hard. When I got the machine it had a 4 hole tip on it. Basically ran out of pressure within 20 seconds, have no idea how the previous owner managed it.

      Something I do like about it, it has a separate HX for the hot water tap so you can draw off as much hot water as you need without affecting the boiler temperature or pressure too greatly.

      I am also a fan of La San Marco machines. The Flexa 85E is a nice machine. You may need to get new filter baskets though as it comes with an ESE compatible basket. I would assume it also comes with standard single and double shot baskets but I'm not sure.


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        Noidle22, do you know of anyone who managed to install new filter baskets on the LSM Flexa portafilters? It's not hard at all to remove the valve at the bottom of the portafilters but it would be nice to be able to use baskets instead of the spring and screen system.

        For the rest, I can vouch for Flexa's steaming capability, anyone who is looking for a semi-professional machine with a built-in water tank (as opposed to plumbing) is not going to be disappointed. Bought one second-hand quite recently and I'm very impressed with it's steaming performance. Bt

        Btw, if anyone else owns a Flexa maybe we can share some impressions here . I made the topic prior to the purchase but wasn't able to get any feedback from current owners.