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  • Buying Parts from Orphan Espresso

    Anyone has any dealings with Orphan Espresso lately?? I paid for some parts and that is the end of it. Parts did not arrived and no response to emails sent to them. I checked on my account and it did not indicate the parts were shipped out.
    My past experience has been satisfactory and the services were prompt.

    Anyone has the same experience??
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    Bought a dosing funnel from them early December, all went fine but did take a long time to arrive. Probably no one in the office this time of year.


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      Thanks for sharing your experience. I paid for the parts on the 1/11/2014. Still has not arrived which is very usual.
      The issue is Orphan Espresso is very poor in their email response or NO response.


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        Hello, I am sorry your parts did not arrive kokos - I believe, you are Francis? Can't tell from your screen name, if so, your order was refunded in part right away because we did not have one of the switches, and the rest was refunded last week because the postal service cannot find your package. I have emailed you about this, both times, but apparently you didn't receive my emails.

        Just a note - we do very much value our Australia customers, and appreciate the coffee culture in Australia!

        Often, the long time for delivery is a combination of slow USPS Postal service, and slow customs once the package finally arrives in Australia - First class mail (least expensive option) is often very slow, but does usually, eventually arrive. Faster service from the USA would be Priority or Express mail options - faster, but much more expensive

        We hope to see many of you at MICE2015!



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          USPS is a major deterrent to ordering something from the US. I choose USPS only when there isn't an alternative.


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            Hello Barb,

            Yes, I am Francis Chan from Australia, did not received any email from you regarding my order. My previous orders has no issue and deliveries were very prompt.

            I have not received your refund. I just checked my paypal account. Please can you recheck on your end to ensure the refund has gone to the correct Paypal account.

            Addit- I have received full refund from Orphan Espresso for the parts not delivered. Thank you.
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