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Looking for fresh roasted beans in my area Bayswater/Croydon (VIC)

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  • Looking for fresh roasted beans in my area Bayswater/Croydon (VIC)

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post but I couldn't post in 'Good Coffee Where' section.

    I have ran out of beans and I want to buy some to get me through until my Coffee Snobs order arrives (Which was posted so quick I was amazed but of course Aus post being Aus post combined with New year means I won't see it until hopefully Monday).

    Does anyone know somewhere near the Bayswater / Croydon area? I don't mind a bit of a drive so we could look at anywhere in the eastern suburbs.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!



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    Cafe Romeo in North Balywn roast their own beans and are my usual emergency supply (from Surrey Hills) . Not sure if they are open today though. Maybe call them

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      Hey Richard!

      Thanks very much will give them a buzz now fingers crossed!


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        Otherwise, Kofi beans in main st Croydon. Have a drink there & see what you think. I've not bought beans there though. Better than supermarket beans though would be my guess.
        Over the road is Littorios. Sensory Lab (nice) beans. Not sure whether he'll sell you beans, but that migrh also get you over the line!
        Slim pickings in the area, I'm afraid.


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          Thanks Shortblackman,

          I did end up getting some beans from an Organic fruit and veg store on Bayswater Road. They were a 2 month old roast but better than the supermarket.

          I actually purchased from Kofi when I first got my machine. I wasn't impressed by the storage method they used (beans on the wall in a dispenser) And the staff weren't interested in giving much detail on them. Also a bit pricey considering.

          Thanks for sensory lab recommendation will have to look into it.


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            Yeah. Good old Eastfield.

            i did have that concern re kofi bean, just from the amount of stock in those dispensers. Still looks like you're home & hosed til your order arrives!