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Where to get Espresso Machine serviced Central Coast NSW

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  • Where to get Espresso Machine serviced Central Coast NSW

    Wanted to get some advice where is the best place to get my Brasilia Cappucino Century served at. It has a slight leak out the bottom of water and seems to put out a lot of heat from the top. I was just wondering the closest and best value place to repair these problems?

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    Hi mate,
    I have no idea where you would go on the Central Coast but if you are willing to travel then take it to Di Bartoli at Bondi Junction. They have been looking after mine for a few years now.


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      Thanks braando but Bondi is a bit far. I'm happy to go as far as the northern suburbs if Sydney. Also what price would I be looking at for a general service?


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        Jetblack in Cremorne are probably the closest, you'll find their details on the sponsor's page.


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          Jetblack are now in Frenchs Forest


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            Call Austins Coffee in Newcastle. There will be others (esp machine repairers up and down the coast), but I know this one.

            There is also someone in Gosford area.

            If that's not close enough, I am afraid it will be up to you to "let your fingers do the walking..." to find you8r nearest repairer.

            Kindly note no one can tell you the price of a "general service" because there really is no such thing. Most often, machines develop a fault, and a repair is effected to rectify the fault.. If you speak to your repairer and ask what he might do to "service" a particular machine (especially where certain things are starting to manifest themselves), then the repairer will zero in on what he might do and offer a quote to you based on that.

            Additionally, it is instructive to ponder on the fact that servicing something does not stop it from breaking down at some later time ( a common line from clients when the equipment breaks down, is "but I just got it serviced....") and does not result in a repair guarantee over something that goes wrong, just because it was "serviced"...

            Advice: If something is wrong, get it repaired. Speak to the repairman about "service", andf decide if you want to go ahead with anything.

            Hope that helps.


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              Thanks guys for the information.