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Where to buy beans, inner/north perth

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  • Where to buy beans, inner/north perth


    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum (or if the question gets asked a lot).

    Sick of supermarket beans and expensive boutique beans from cafes so I'm looking for a tip from someone 'in the know' about where I can pick up fresh roasted beans in small quantities (500g-1kg) that are high quality and reasonable value. If possible I'd like to purchase directly from the roaster rather than through a cafe.

    I live in the north perth area and work in osborne park so would like to find somewhere in the vicinity.

    I found Humblebee Coffee commercial link removed per site posting policy which I will check out but thought I'd ask anyway, as you never know..

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    Right here Jeremy CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Roasted Coffee


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      Site sponsor Dimattina coffee are in the same suburb as you are Jeremy. They roast on site and do some great microlot coffee as well as excellent everyday blends. They won a well-deserved golden bean award a few years ago.
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        +1 for Dimattina , 3/19 Collingwood street in Osborne park, you could call around in your lunch break , have a coffee and grab some fresh roasted beans


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          Hey cheers guys. Don't know why I didn't think of Dimattina; I've been there a few times for coffee, which has always been superb, so will try their beans.

          I'd prefer not to buy beans online for various reasons, mainly due to an inability for forward planning on my part..

          Thanks again.