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  • Another Plumb in question - ECM

    Hi guys,
    I know that there have been several threads close to this topic, especially on other forums, but I am after some Aus specific advice.

    I have a ECM Technika Profi plumbed in with a Brita C150 PLV (350kpa) filter.
    350kpa is around 50psi. From what I have seen, I should be lowering this further to around 40psi.
    Just wondering what pressure most of you plumbed in people are running and what are you reducing it with?

    The only regulator I can find seems to be one from the US.

    Currently my machine ides at this line pressure which means when the pump is on it is pushing up to 11bar or so.
    Before I go and adjust the pump pressure, I just wanted some advice on line pressure and I'll work the rest out from there.

    Also, would you recommend a portafilter guage or can I trust the internal pump guage?
    Thanks for the help.

    My Christmas project "Bar Upgrade" is almost done...
    Click image for larger version

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    Does your Profi have a reciprocating pump?


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      Rotary pump.
      It is plumb in only, no tank.


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        Another Plumb in question - ECM

        I've used 3.5 bar reducers for everything I've installed - prosumer to 3-4 group 6kW commercial machines. The only detrimental issues I've experienced so far is scale building up in a pre-limiter screen reducing flow and causing pump cavitation. 10 psi is not going to adversely effect your flow to the group. The bypass valve can reduce 1 bar easy (appx. 15 psi) or increase it.

        Pump pressure on the ECM gauge: put b/flush filter in and engage pump. Watch p/gauge. If it increases smoothly and pegs at 9-10bar without bouncing the gauge is worth calibrating off. If the needle bounces crazy then no.

        Build your own p/gauge: buy a glycerin filled water p/gauge; 1/4" to 1/2" BSB brass fittings and a short 1/2" water line from Bunnings . Ensure the cup runner comes off the p/filter and it's 1/2"; might be 3/8". Buy a 3/8" female to 1/2" male BSB fitting. Voila! You now have a p/gauge for about $50.00 for E-61. Take off the hose from the p/filter and you have a p/gauge for any machine (that doesn't use naked p/fs.

        Alternatively buy a p/f with p/gauge suitable for ECM from one of our sponsors.

        RMC makes 3.5bar PLVs which are OK. They come with a check valve which I usually remove.


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          Thanks for the reply Sprazz,
          Do you have a photo of the suggested parts assembled into a guage?

          I tested the pressure with blind filter in and with the pump on it jumps to 8bar, climbs to 10, pauses then climbs to 11.
          While I love a good amp that goes to 11, i am pretty sure I need to dial it back to 9 or so.

          If you think that line pressure of 3.5bar is ok then I will look at getting a portafilter guage and adjust pump pressure to that.
          How sensitive is the adjustment screw on the pump?

          Think I need a new grinder now... grinding with my Pharos sends the dog crazy.


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            The lock nut on the vane (rotary) pump should be 14mm - note: there are different styles but they operate the same - the interior bolt or machine screw turns clockwise to increase spring tension on the bypass valve in the pump increasing output pressure; anti-clockwise decrease. Not super sensitive and certainly not precision stuff.

            I'll build another gauge and take an image of the constituent part, bro.


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              I just rebuilt a chromed Macap M5a and I'm enjoying it - heavy; solid; solid doser lever. Nothing flash just good stuff.

              I'll take an image of that with my Silvia V4


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                Here you go:Click image for larger version

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                  Nice rebuild. Trying to convince the budget oversight committee that in the interest of peace in the house, another grinder is required. Been looking at a Macap M4D. Don't want to have to clean a doser all the time.

                  In other things, I adjusted the pump pressure and now running on ~9bar during a pour (according to onboard gauge). Shots are much better. Would still like to see how that relates to pressure in the basket.

                  Being a tinkerer, I am now thinking of the e61 thermocouple adaptor "just to see" what the temperature is doing at the head. I also like the profitec pro 700 shot clock feature so thinking that maybe some Arduino shot timer might be something to play with on a rainy day.


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                    M4 is great - we had 4 in stock and all sold before I could grab one. Might buy a Rocky doserless myself.


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                      I'm going to PID the Sil - let me know how the t.c. project goes: need one myself soon.

                      Note: pressure @ g.h. usually lower than gauge reads. I bump it up to 9.5 or 10 bar. Play around.