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  • Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur

    Anyone tried MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur? It sounds good.

    I won't include the link even though no site sponsor sells this product. You'll have to google it. The site requires you to enter your DOB to 'prove' you're over 18.

    The website spiel:
    Our flagship product – MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur – is made by a few men and women in a shed here in Australia, drunk on ice, and enjoyed by booze enthusiasts around the world.

    MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur is a product with no equal. In 2012 MR BLACK was one of only six (of over 600) liqueurs globally to be awarded a gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London.

    The creation of the MR BLACK blend took six months and over 240 iterations to achieve a superbly balanced spirit, true to the character of the ingredients and rigour of the process. MR BLACK is not for everyone – we don’t add buckets of vanilla or caramels – but those who know their booze wouldn’t change a thing.

    It’s 25% ABV, because that’s what tastes best & it comes in 700ml bottles because it does.

    We think it’s bloody unbelievable, and hope you do to.

    It also gets good reviews on the Dan Murphy's website

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    I have had a few bottles. It's quite nice on ice, but because of the sugar content it's still a coffee liqueur rather than a cold drip coffee sensation if you know what I mean.

    It's definitely the best coffee liqueur I've had the pleasure to drink though.


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      Cheers (in more ways than one).
      I wonder what spirit(s) they mix with the coffee?


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        No probs. I do like alcohol, and Mr Blacks is a very good example of it.

        The best info I could find is a "neutral spirits" being used for liqueurs.
        They run a little distillery so I guess it would be more a question of what they use to make their spirit, than what spirit they use. Neutral, I'm assuming is just a certain proof alcohol without any grain , fruits, botanicals to make it gin or vodka or giving it any discernible flavour.


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          If you wanted to use it as a base for a cocktail - i used butterscotch liquor and vodka with about 15 mls of Mr blacks, shaken with ice in a shaker anddouble strained
          was very nice but sweet from the butterscotch


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            Sounds good amy, but I think it might be too sweet for me. I haven't used it as a cocktail ingredient yet. It seems too expensive to use that way. I should use that in my espresso martini instead of Kahlua. I think it would be awesome.


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              Slightly off topic but I poured a bottle of crystal head vodka into the big cold drip a couple of years ago with 450g of Yemen under it.

              When finished dripping (24 hours odd) it went back into the skull bottle and was kept in the fridge. Pour a shot over ice and you know you have alcohol and you know you have coffee... both were BIG. I had previously wondered if too much of the alcohol would have evaporated during dripping but it didn't.

              PS: no sugar needed but I guess you could add a demerara syrup or maybe just shandy it with lemonade/soda/mineral water/cold milk.


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                Now that's my type 'o coffee martini!