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How to taste a good extraction

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  • How to taste a good extraction

    Hi There,

    I just read this great article by Matt Perger (Champion Barista) on what to look for in an under extracted, perfectly extracted and over extracted shot. Really well written, with good examples.

    It looks like it's going to be the first of many posts, I've just subscribed to his e-mails to get updates.

    Could be a great resource for coffee fans!

    Coffee Extraction and How to Taste It - Matt Perger

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    Great article. I was lucky enough to have a master-class with Matt here in Jakarta (even though I've never pulled a shot in my life) and he has a great way to describe the taste of coffee. Seeing him at work controlling only two variables (grind and extracted volume, making sure temperature, coffee weight and bean quality are constant) gave me a lot of confidence that I will also be able to make great coffee once I get around to purchasing my setup.


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      Thanks for the heads up tropellor. A very good read.


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        very insightful read! Good to know what to expect when pulling shots


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          Thanks for that Tropellor - a great and informative read! He certainly has a great way with words…

          My only disagreement was his 'example' of a 40-50sec pour being the litmus test for over-extraction - my minute-and-a-half plus, straining the pump, triple basket gloopy pours over the last few days display none of the characteristics mentioned - in fact they are by far the best doppios I've had for a long time

          But I do know from experience what he meant

          Cheers Matt


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            Originally posted by DesigningByCoffee View Post
            My only disagreement was his 'example' of a 40-50sec pour being the litmus test for over-extraction
            Ditto Matt....

            As with most things to do with coffee, nothing is ever cut and dried, as they say...



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              Hey Matt, yeah I see where you're coming from. It's a very individual process. It's funny though, I pulled a shot of my home roast yesterday and could instantly taste the "Dry/Hollow" taste that Matt discusses in the article. I hadn't identified that flavour before, so it was good to be able to know that it was an over extracted shot based on that flavour. I managed to adjust my grind and tamp, and managed to get rid of that flavour in the next coffee.