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Espresso machine integrated shot timer

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  • Espresso machine integrated shot timer

    I've been toying with the idea of installing a shot timer of some sort on my Giotto but not a stick on timer where you manually start/stop/reset the timer.
    I'm thinking along the lines of using an Arduino controller to display the timer via a 7 segment display and use the pump switch (via a relay) as an input to the controller to start/stop the timer.
    The controller could be configured to auto reset the timer say 10 seconds after the timer is stopped.
    What do you think? Has anyone done something similar?


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    G'day Fiorello...

    Should be easy to do with an Arduino or Raspberry PI 1/2 and I think someone has mentioned doing this sort of thing late last year. Definitely a CS geeky thing to do anyway...

    Would probably be better from a coffee quality perspective though, to integrate coffee flow volume with time; just an idea...

    Seen this one on Home Barista?

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      Thanks Mal,

      That one on Home Barista is amazing.


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        I like how he is measuring the group head temp using an "Eric" thermocouple adapter but I don't fancy the cable coming out of the E61 head which would be a bit of an eye sore.


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          Agree with you mate....

          But, it might give you some ideas of how to go about such a project for yourself...



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            Cheers Mal,
            I will do something very similar some day and share the progress on here.


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              Hey all,

              just reading through your posts, I also have a Giotto and have contemplated pimping it with some more Smarts... I would love to also intergrate a timer... Similar to those on synessos..

              Having been doing some digging around, I have found an Australian guy that is actually developed smart timers for espresso machines. He is in Sydney, the company I believe is 'Alcorn Cafe Engineering'

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              Hope this helps
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