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Cleaning Stainless steel without altering tastes

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  • Cleaning Stainless steel without altering tastes

    Good evening ladies and gents , I am sure this has been covered in times and I have tried trawling through forum posts and even searching but came up with nothing .

    I work away and can't start a day without a good coffee so am doing my best with my aeropress which I make into my thermos mug for the day .I generally always have a long black/Americano style , or if the mood takes I have a splash of milk , low tech but I can't complain.

    My issue is after a year worth of hard use my cup now shows nothing but a nice coffee tinge on the inside and once dry has some I guess you would call build up just below the threaded part of the thermos ( like a cloudy kind of staining). I have tried cleaning the best I can with just plain hot water because I am not willing to introduce detergent into the mix as I have been burnt with that extra taste that comes. My cup also had a differing taste now good or bad I'm not sure yet .

    After that diatribe, my question remains ? Is there a good way of maintaining stainless steel , or less intrusive forms of cleaning (baking soda etc ) so I can bring my thermos back to pay or is it just time for an upgrade.

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    You can try making a paste of Baking Soda/water and using that. If that doesn't work you can take off all the coating using the usual methods of steel wool/Brillo/SOS pads, liquid/powdered stainless steel cleaner to get rid of everything followed by a really good scrubbing using Dawn and hot water. Then rinse it well with boiling water. Then make a cup of Black tea with a really long steep time, with-out the tea. i.e. Fill'er up with boiling water and let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes. Then dump and rinse with more boiling water. Repeat the boiling water soak/dump/rinse cycle at least one more time. Any residue should now be gone. If it's the totally clean/oxide free taste you object to then you'll need to season the cup with a throwaway, filled to the top of course, cuppa that you let sit for a good period.

    Java "That should do it!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Cheers Java . I think I might follow that plan, though will probably have to take my cup back to perth to give it the birthday it deserves . I was always a big fan of black tea without the tea :-) . Thanks mate great advice .


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        It's also quite amazing at just how good Cafetto Clean Machine is at removing stains/buildup from inside various types of vessels. No need to buy a whole tub of the stuff, you may be able to buy a few tablets from one of the up-market cafes in Perth, or a small amount of the powdered form. Just explain what you want it for and someone should be able help you out...



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          Half a tea spoon of Cafisa (or Joe Glow, Pulycaf, etc), fill up (80%) with hot water, close and shake, leave it standing overnight, rinse (well) next day.
          It will shine, and there will be only pure water taste. I did it with all my thermos and coffee apparel, just because it's so easy.


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            Remember that "stainless" steel is just that: stain less! It still gets a very thin oxide coating. Any abrasive cleaner will probably take off that oxide and leave you with the taste of the raw metal. Good coffee machine cleaner should take off the stains and leave the oxide--no taste of raw metal.

            Good luck.



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              thanks everybody .sorry Greg just saw your post . I have had a busy week at home so couldn't pop out to the shops for a good coffee machine cleaner so attempted baking soda and a tooth brush , came up a treat . I guess time will tell if I get the metal taste , if so may be a new cup for me ..thanks for all the input everyone :-) .