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This video might completely change our thinking. NOT!

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  • This video might completely change our thinking. NOT!

    I watched this video a few times before it sunk in. Here's a barista champ that doses to about half way and says it doesn't matter, doesn't tamp but uses his thumb, preheats milk when everyone says it should be cold with a cold jug, moves the milk up and down opposite to what we all do and says you can make a weeks worth of microfoam and store it for later. Are you kidding me?????

    I got sucked in for a few nano seconds until I saw the date it was posted.

    Good one!

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    Yep. Gale from Seattle coffee works is a classic. I'm subscribed to their videos. Good April fools joke. Got me as well till I saw him (barista) dose half way


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      The fingerprints on your thumb will prevent channeling I couldn't stop laughing. Good joke


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        They make all their videos on April 1st ..... don't they?