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Best training for a newbie Barista

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  • Best training for a newbie Barista

    Hi I am hoping some experts can give some guidance. My 18 year old nephew, who lives in Brisbane, has completed a basic barista course at the Coffee School in Brisbane and has been working making coffee for the past three weeks.

    I know much of his training will come down to practice but I thought there may be recommendations on other ways to upscale his skills and deepen his knowledge exploring roasting etc. He is pretty passionate about coffee so I thought this would make a great and useful 18th present.

    Any thoughts on the Coffee Academy who also run courses in Brisbane. Anywhere else? We live in Sydney so that would also be an option if better.

    Thanks for reading and would appreciate you advice.


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    I've personally found it's always the small places which offer the 1:1 training and experience which is more valued than any expensive $600 advanced barista course. You don't want to go to a place where they think they can give "training" to 12 people at once. It's not going to happen. You want a place which can offer say 1 - 2 people maximum per course and 3 hours after a course in just playing around with a machine and many do offer this!!

    Perhaps us snobs can filter the trashy places out from the goodies!

    You want him to know:
    Tools of the trade
    Grinders - How to dial one in
    Extraction methods - Siphon, Espresso, Pour Over etc
    Milk texturing
    Latte Art

    I think with all of this behind his belt, It will open his eyes to coffee. Of course, You also want him to be able to come home and practise then practise some more, then some more again.. The way I started out was just by buying a heap of cheap beans $9 - $10 a kg and roasting them in a popcorn machine which I bought for $20. Milk is cheap too these days so perhaps 6LT of milk and just make coffee after coffee using the experience gained from the course. It's all about the Freshness of beans, The Dose and the Grind. With all of this mastered You'll make great coffee.


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      Thanks so much for getting back to me that all makes great sense. Do you (or anyone else) know of any smaller places in Brisbane that would offer that level of exposure/training in Brisbane?


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        If it were me; I'd shake this company down Barista training courses Melbourne Brisbane Sydney Adelaide , get to the nitty gritty and get something exclusive and detailed. You want an experienced barista, You don't want training on a commercial scale you want the art behind it explained in detail!

        The site says; To book a private training session please email

        Yes, this post might be breaching some site policy but it's to help someone out..

        If anyone else knows of some where better, speak up!!
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          Neofelis, Many thanks for your help. I have booked him in there and referred him to this forum. Regards, Jo