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Teachers told not to drink coffee in front of students

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  • Teachers told not to drink coffee in front of students

    Oh well, I guess it had to happen...

    Teachers told not to drink coffee in front of children, but pizza is OK

    But it's ok to put 'ice' in one's drink and have it in front of kids. Priorities please regulators

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    Odd timing considering that the world's best Barista is from the ACT.

    ...cut from the "red list"...
    Coffee-style products (including flavoured), mocha, latte, cappuccino or similar, with the exception of coffee-style milk drinks.
    Coffee-style milk drinks (including flavoured) in primary school.
    Coffee-style milk drinks greater than 375mL serve size in secondary school.

    "with the exception of coffee-style milk drinks"

    Errr... does that mean that a "Big M" or similar with a huge amount of sugar and additives is viewed as better than a cappuccino made with beans and milk?


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      This is hilarious!

      Especially given the last bit of ACT education news I heard was related to a child being fenced off inside their classroom. I'm glad that they're back to focussing on the finer points.
      And ... Umm.... Does this mean that I would be obliged to refrain from allowing my grade one's to operate my Porlex? And would I also have to refrain from having older ones pour shots?

      because that would be a complete deal breaker ACT Ed Dept!


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        Okay now I've read the article , and I'm about to wet myself laughing.
        i know pizza can be healthy, but broadly speaking, pizza?!?!
        spring rolls?!?!!?!

        And the representative of parents who said (being helpful) something like : " if the drink's in a cup, it could be coffee or peppermint tea, so no problem", as though no one would be able to tell. Blocked nose?

        Thank you for posting. Hilarious and disturbing in equal measure.


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          I wouldn't worry too much....

          "Yes your honour, I was sacked because a student saw me drinking coffee"....

          Slow news day....


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            I'm surprised that nothing is said of the coffee emema.
            must be okay?


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              Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post

              Slow news day....
    's the day the Sunday papers come out.


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                Nevermind that half the schoolkids in the nation are taking recreational drugs 2 years out of school, and think that is normal behaviour.
                I seriously doubt they acquired the behaviour from watching their teachers popping pills during class.