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  • PUSH tamper

    Anyone heard/read about this tamper before?

    I think with a good grinder + scale + PUSH tamper, the common basic problem in tamping can be eliminated. Can't wait for it to be in the market!

    What do you think?

    You May Be Interested In This Hockey Puck Lookin' Coffee Tamper - Sprudge

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    Looks cool -
    But you'd need a very certain technique to go with it - would suit the hardcore VST crowd very well I reckon
    However if you wanted to overdose/underdose/tamp hard/tamp soft to deal with the everyday shift in coffee variables (humidity, age, temp etc), you'd be out of luck I guess.

    But I do like anodising though!
    Cheers Matt


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      We use VST baskets in our office, so these ones are made for VSTs. I guess eventually we’ll work on ones that will work with other size baskets.
      Says he designed it for vst's. Looks like a pretty cool idea


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        But if the tamping technique and the dose is constant, can't we just change the grind size instead?


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          Nice design which I'd like to try. Might have to get one if/when they become available.

          I guess it's possible that it may remove some repetition issues for career baristas but possibly create others for the hand/wrist?


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            My question is why on earth are they using VST baskets if most of the staff "just wanted a nice cup of coffee and to go back to work"?

            Yes, it will give always you a level tamp but since the depth is fixed it then relies on the dose and grind being exactly as required.


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              Did anyone end up getting a PUSH tamper and live to tell about it ?


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                I've been playing with a Rhinowares flat tamper this week.

                They're easier to adjust and work well.