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    Hi guys,

    I seem to have my grinder in a good place to produce a nice coffee, but wanted to fine tune it. Firstly - i think there is way too much coffee in the 14g double shot basket (measured it at around 18-20 grams) and when looking at the puck, i can see an indent of the shower screen screw after a brew.

    So I'm planning on reducing the quantity on the smart grinder, but making the grind a little smaller to compensate.

    One question though - when measuring a double shot (2 ounces), is the crema included? Or should the body/base reach the 2 ounce line and the crema be above that?

    Performing a quick google search doesn't seem to help... This looks like the shot (including crema) reaches the 1 ounce mark whereas this one looks like the crema is above the 1 ounce mark.


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    Hey mate, do you have a digital scale that will fit under the spouts with a cup on it? Quick way to avoid this debate is to measure your shots by weight and not by volume. Just stop the shot when you hit 2oz


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      What brand of basket are you using ? As I know the double EP precision baskets will take up to 18g of coffee , if I was using a 18g dose I would be happy with approx 30-35g in the cup.


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        Or you could go the KISS route and extract until blonding starts.

        Java "In coffee Blond != More_Fun" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          thanks guys!

          mwcalder05 - oh yeah, why didn't i think of that i'll give it a go!
          cleanCup - it's just a stock gaggia 14g double basket. the whole ratio thing confuses me a little... i understood a double basket to produce a double shot - isn't 30g around 1 shot? or maybe im confusing ml and grams on the cup side... am definitely thinking of grabbing one of those precision baskets though!
          Javaphile - i've tried it before but have trouble determing when the blonding starts. i'll give this another go too. just bought some freshly roasted beans today

          thanks again