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Mobile Coffee Vans waste disposal

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  • Mobile Coffee Vans waste disposal


    I'm new here, been scowring this site for information which it has an abbundance. My partner and I are quite keen to start up in a standalone mobile coffee business in a trailer format, she is an experienced barista. I've started making enquiries with some businesses that manufacturer such setups and been going through the food regulations act regarding mobile food vendors and will make enquiriers with council etc re permits. We will require fresh water tank and waste water tank, but my question is how do most mobile coffee vendors dispose of this?

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    Hi craka, I have been doing some research regarding coffee waste for my uni assignment and I am blogging about it and maybe this might be of interest to you. Please visit if you are interested. Cheers


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      Hi Craka,

      We put all our organic waste (water waste and coffee grounds) in our compost heaps. The worms love it. We also collect grounds from a local espresso bar for the same purpose too. We have a very large block with lots of gardens and it benefits greatly from all that coffee waste.

      Good luck with your new venture.