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  • Kickstarter coffee roaster

    limited in the amount it roasts..
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    Interesting - but for that price I would rather buy a Behmor and still have $500 to buy ~40kg of beans!


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      "...drop the beans into the roaster and watch them roast – it will take between 3 – 10 minutes."

      "Each roast takes 60g of green coffee..."

      "Estimated retail: £750"

      Hhhhmmmm.....$1,500 for a low capacity and poorly tuned popper in a fancy dress that can talk to my phone.

      Java "Pass!" phile
      Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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        I'm seeing a pimped popper. They won't sell too many at 750 quid. Dreamin'...


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          As much as i like the idea of the Hottop roasters I would question buying one of them for the amount it roasts per price. Yet seeing this being a similar price to the Hottop available secondhand yet roasting even less, it makes my decision of ever wanting to buy one of these should they make it here to Australia an easy one....

          Nice looking unit and idea but not thanks at that price regardless of how well it may roast the coffee...


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            The Roasting equivalent of Pods?


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              Looks like a very neat package but the quantity it produces per roast and at that price point is way off the mark. But I'm sure there is a market for it as many have already pledged towards their campaign.


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                got some promise

                I played with one of these at the London Coffee Festival yesterday. Yes it is just a glorified popper but does have some good features.

                - Effective chaff catcher. All the chaff goes into the jar while the beans are roasting. You then tip them out and the beans flow into the same container.
                - Minimal smell during roasting. My wife always found that a pain when I was using a popper how much the roasting smell got everywhere.
                - cool touch housing
                - effective temperature control. The app gives you feedback of the actual temperature and this tracked the programme temp accurately.
                - effective cooling of beans.

                They were doing 4 minute roasts all day long and the machine was coping fine. They have had a professional model for quite a while so they have some experience with making them.

                The negatives were the amount you can roast in one time and the price, though this unit can just be used on your kitchen bench - I wouldn't use a popper indoors because of chaff and smoke. This makes it attractive for people in flats/apartments who don't have anywhere to vent their roasting outside.

                I wouldn't buy one at full price but I am wavering at the kickstarter price. At 15x the price of a popper it's a hard sell, though living in a London flat, my current choices are this roaster or no roasting at all.


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                  Originally posted by DaveD View Post
                  Interesting - but for that price I would rather buy a Behmor and still have $500 to buy ~40kg of beans!
                  Errr.... that would be more like $1200 of beans and a Behmor!
                  (750 pound = $1500 plus shipping plus 5% duty plus 10% GST = a bloody lot!)

                  Javaphile and I did see this in Seattle last month, it's a great little project and the software is very nice but not at that price. At 10% of that price you would have something that was fun to play with but the profiling on this air roaster won't really translate to a drum style roaster so then it has no real purpose.

                  Nice to see people having a crack though.


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                    Originally posted by Anthorien View Post
                    limited in the amount it roasts..
                    Yeah, this is the biggest issue. 60g green, drops to 55-ish grams brown - that's 3 double shots worth
                    You'd be roasting every coffee break!

                    That profiling looks cool though…


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                      3 minutes to roast, 7? days to degas. You'll have little jars of coffee all over the place


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                        Yeah they don't mention aging at all... which is odd.

                        To be honest I can see this as more of a toy for those already in the specialty coffee industry rather than a genuine "home roaster". For example, I can see the appeal for small-medium coffee roasters who are looking for a more convenient way to do sample roasting, or as a great tool for green bean importers to take with them while traveling. In both cases all you are looking for is a cupping sample (so 60g is perfect), and what you care about most is consistency.


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                          Originally posted by trentski View Post
                          3 minutes to roast, 7? days to degas. You'll have little jars of coffee all over the place
                          OR.... Thinking laterally ..just throw the daily roast into the grinder hopper which already has 7 days worth of previously roasted beans in.
                          such that the beans you grind have been aged 7 days in the hopper !
                          repeat the roast and hopper addition each time you have ground 50+ gms ?

                          Of course there is nothing to stop you doing 2-4 or 10 roasts at one and storing them as you would from any other roaster.
                          It's a neat gadget.....just pricing itself out of the mass market,


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                            I built my own temperature profiling air roaster with double the capacity and self cooling. It doesn't catch chaff, is noisy as, and looks a little agricultural. It isn't fancy or pretty, nor that easy to use, but cost significantly less than what is on offer here (which incidentally, looks quite close to some designs I put on paper a few years ago).

                            Having experienced using my roaster, and the previous incarnation (a 90g capacity profile capable popper), I can't imagine spending that much cash on it. You become very concerned about wasting beans...

                            That said, I can easily see how it could cost that much to provide the product, especially factoring in the development costs.


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                              Pay a little bit more and get the forthcoming Aillio Bullet which can do a kilo, easy choice for me....