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  • Invoice software for coffee sellers


    I am about to start a small coffee roasting business and have just started looking at invoicing software.

    So, can any coffee sellers share what they are using and their opinions of it? Would prefer to use Mac, but could use Windows if I needed to.


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    Hey Dan, I know a couple of people using Xero.

    I don't know how effective it is, maybe someone else can comment.
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      I use Xero for a small business I'm involved in. It's excellent. I also use an older version of MYOB, for another business, but Xero being a SaaS model means it's always up to date, and web based so Mac or Windows or even phone no doubt.
      We probably pay the minimum for it because we don't use it for payroll, so it's about $60 per month. However I believe costs are linked to the number of payroll employees. Does all the GST. Great product and you can give your accountant access and it's available from any device from wherever you are etc



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        I use Xero for my small business. I'm also a chartered accountant. It's quite simply excellent.

        I can't compare it with myob as I haven't used it, but friends who do the accounting for lots of small companies tell me that they have a huge preference for Xero.


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          I can also recommend Xero. We use it for a small roastery in Brisbane. The set up is intuitive, and really easy to use.

          As a web based system it is also quite easy for several people to work using the same account (on either the same, or different computers). For example, we have two roasters at the business. With a few simple habits it's really easy to see what the other person has done so far, and what they're up to.