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How about some coffee with your surgery....

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  • How about some coffee with your surgery....

    Here's a new use for coffee:

    Italian engineers have built a robotic arm, aimed at improving surgical operations and inspired by the octopus.

    Just like its aquatic inspiration, the robotic tentacle has no rigid skeleton; it can bend, stretch and switch between flexible and rigid states as required.

    Its movement is driven by inflatable compartments and its stiffness by a central tube containing a specially selected granular medium: coffee.

    When suction is applied, the granules "jam" to create the desired rigidity.
    News article: Robotic tentacle targets keyhole surgery - BBC News

    Journal paper: A bioinspired soft manipulator for minimally invasive surgery - Abstract - Bioinspiration & Biomimetics - IOPscience

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    Article could have been titled "Supermarket coffee used for good, not evil".