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Everybody PANIC! Coffee prices to rise - Fairfax wouldn't lie!

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  • Everybody PANIC! Coffee prices to rise - Fairfax wouldn't lie!

    Apparently El Nino will be driving prices up.

    I'm off to Beanbay to stock up!

    El Nino to hit coffee, palm oil and other commodities

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    Hmm, must be time for the three monthly "coffee prices to skyrocket!" type news story...


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      Photos of coffee must sell papers.

      could someone confirm for me that coffee prices - for consumers at least - do not "skyrocket". The production plummets, the world's biggest roasters (Nestlé & Sara Lee, for example) absorb the price increase because they pay peanuts anyway, the farmers' families suffer terribly, and it ends up costing the average consumer peanuts more for a cup?

      i am of course sorry for smaller roasters, like those on here, that may be paying significantly more for their coffee. But as far as the big coffee picture goes, is my understanding correct?


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        The last thing we want to see are coffee suppliers abusing the "El Nino".

        We have seen this before in other industries such as Thailand Floods etc. Companies will claim they're still heavily effected by the storms to increase profits. Its sad, but happens often


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          I remember standing at MICE a couple of years ago with an identity from one of Melbourne's coffee companies and Scott Bennett. Much discussion and hand wringing over commodity Brazil which had gone up by 50% (frosts if I recall correctly) to almost $5 per kg.

          I was close to having a laugh but just mentioned that it really had no effect as the Brazil I wanted to buy was closer to 3x what they were paying and hadn't changed much in price. We continue to pay plenty for good Brazils and other origins as well and I'm more than happy to do that. I'd doubt that specialty coffee will "skyrocket", but if it does go up a little, so what? We'll probably just absorb it. My experience is that our clients are happy to pay for quality.

          Coffee prices fluctuate and so do the prices of a whole heap of other goods. We're not oil companies after all.

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