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Barista Training options in Perth?

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  • Barista Training options in Perth?

    Hi guys, anyone done a barista course in Perth they can recommend?

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    Being in Perth, you've got the Australian Barista Academy at your fingertips. I don't have any experience with them, or any other courses for that matter, but I'd say they'd be quite good.

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      thought i'd share my aba training session: was great - but prepare to have shop trainees alongside during the training who dont show nearly as much interest. otherwise the content and hands on are great - albeit rather expensive. cheaper places tend to be rather old-school technique wise though and might teach you more bad habits than good ones. FWIW i went to the session 2 or 3 years ago now... im sure it would be very different by now

      just my 2 cents =)
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        Rie at Blacklist Coffee Roasters can help you with top class training


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          didnt know she did training! i'd recommend that fo sho


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            thanks guys may have to look in to those


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              The ABA was very good, although it is really aimed at every day baristas, they were more than knowledgeable about any subjects when asked. *Disclaimer* The person who ran the course is moving back to Melbourne, so you will likely get someone else.


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                I did the basics course at ABA a while back, person running the class I went to was pretty good...and fairly patient considering the rest of the people that were there. They were all there as part of employer requirements... one person had never had a coffee before, other hated coffee, and the another went on a rant on why a flat white is not considered a "real" coffee. All three work at cafes, makes you think

                Looking back I could have easily gotten same knowledge off here/youtube without too much effort.