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Bezzera BZ35 fast dosing.

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  • Bezzera BZ35 fast dosing.

    Hi all. My very first post so go easy!
    I have two BZ 35's. One plumbed-in and one tank fed. I have had both for a few years but never been happy with the crema from either machine. The dose is very fast....maybe 5 to 8 seconds for a double. I know it should all be down to grind and tamping but I have tried everything! I have ground my own from course to as fine as the grinder will go. I have tried various brand/grinds of shop-ground coffee. I have tamped light, hard, bloody hard and everything in between. I even turned up my own aluminium tamper on the lathe! If I use a really fine grind and tamp firm the puck is wet on top.The crema itself is watery and, well, not creamy. Any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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    What grinder do you have?


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      Are you using freshly roasted beans, say no more than three weeks old?