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Gold Coast or Brisbane Barista courses?

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  • Gold Coast or Brisbane Barista courses?

    Hi, my name is Dean and I have a goal of being a championship level Barista. However I can't even get my hands on a commercial machine which I believe is due to a lack of experience in the industry. I was orginally hoping to be trained by a great Barista through employment, but I'm now planning on taking a course. Can anyone recommend an institute I should take my Barista course at? I would prefer it if you could provide some info about the trainer as i would prefer to learn from someone with competitive experience and a strong passion for coffee. Also in regards to securing work, do you believe my employability will go up more due to a nationally accredited course or a course under a reputable trainer? I'm currently split between a more expensive non-nationally accredited course but under a talented and passionate Barista with competition experience or a less expensive nationally accredited course but with no idea who the trainer is.. all thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest Regards, Dean.