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Kickstarting (again) fermented coffee? "Reinventing"

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  • Kickstarting (again) fermented coffee? "Reinventing"


    Not wet processed... it's fermentation after the bean is cleaned.. but still - pulling the wool over consumers eyes? Selling coffee at $0.17 (US) per GRAM(!). I'm pretty happy with the coffee I'm drinking - but is this something that resonates with the American market due to pervasiveness of over-roasted coffee?

    The "little bit of science" they post on the page is highlighting the increased sugars available in their fermented coffee. I wonder if this is pre or post roast, and whether their fermentation has just done some of the work that roasting would consequently do with any other coffee....


    My opinion is that it's filling a void the market doesn't have, nor does it need. Innovation and trying new things is good - but this feels like it's taking the pretension of the extremes of 3rd wave to an entirely inaccessible (and somewhat proprietary) extreme.

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    Source for the Sprudge "in the news" quote - being the only coffee specific news source, they didn't actually appear to get a chance to review the product


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      Hmm an interesting idea but they provide few details as to what they will be doing. Ideally this sort of processing will start with fresh coffee cherries, you'll be tying one hand behind your back by using dry green beans. Any form of 'wet processing' is essentially fermentation anyway so its nothing that novel.

      What bugs me is their claim: "For the curious, we have recently published part of our research on using fancy chromatography equipment (HPLC) to precisely characterize coffee in a peer reviewed paper."
      Well, it turns out THEY didn't publish the article, they only received a mention in the acknowledgements.