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Aldi's 'fresh roasted' Lazzio coffee beans -1kg - Not bad

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  • Aldi's 'fresh roasted' Lazzio coffee beans -1kg - Not bad

    Just a heads up to CSers who doesn't have time to roast or just love cheap stuff - I noticed about 2 weeks ago Aldi started carrying some fresh roasted beans. Admittedly it's not the best beans, but for $11 per kg roasted, that's way cheaper than I could home roast(not even considering the time, electricity/gas bill)!! I couldn't resist and bought a medium roast bag. The 'expiry date' indicates the beans were probably roasted on 7/27 which is good.

    Bought a bag and froze some portion in air tight mason jars. Been drinking them 2 weeks straight now and was pleasantly surprised! Taste better than some of my poorly done roast! Pulling almost 100% crema and I'm pretty sure there is no robusta in it(no jitterness after a few shots and no odd rubbery/burn taste).

    By looking at the beans, they're probably roasted up to the verge of second crack. No sign of oil, not charred at all. Some fruitiness and nutty-chocolate based. Slightly dry/astringent finish but that's the only bad thing I can give this stuff. Other than that, amazing bargain! Of course fresh roasted from CS or other specialty roasters will surpass this (400% the price too) but this is decent stuff.

    Have a try before they go stale in Aldi!
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    Expect some comments on this thread. Most i assume will disagree with the freshly roasted part. Each to their own anyway.

    As much as i can understand that it might be cheaper than roasting your own. Me personally i roast because its a passion and hobby. If it wasnt cheaper to roast my own and i could buy beans for less than it cost me to roast, i would still roast my own... Based purely on the enjoyment and fun i have doing it. I think many would agree with this.

    This said i can understand if cost is someones main priority also.

    Cheers Chris


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      Originally posted by coffeechris View Post
      Expect some comments on this thread.
      Hasn't Aldi beans been discussed here ad nauseam in recent weeks? ...didn't pay much attention tho. No Aldi in Tas. (Ever probably)


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        Yes, and it turned into a pissing contest which we can do with-out.

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