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Cold press coffee slush machine?

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  • Cold press coffee slush machine?

    I'm looking at setting up a market stall selling slushies. I was wanting to sell cold press coffee slushies but can't seem to find any info on using real coffee in a commercial slush machine instead of a powder. Does anyone know if it can be done or should I be sticking to the horribly chemical laden (but easy) coffee premix stuff? Thanks.

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    Hi Suniti23.
    I have some experience doing this. Here are some random memories of what worked.

    A customer had a spare slushie machine and dropped it off at the snobbery, I fiddled for weeks and found a few things that should save you some trouble.

    * It can taste amazingly good

    * Cold drip was okay, cold press or Toddy was better. Best was a 20lt bucket with 2kg of coffee steeped and intermittently stirred for 24 hours then strained through cloth was about the best (for our testing anyway)

    * Needs tons of sugar. I drink coffee without sugar but people that drink slushies expect 99% sugar, ended having to make a sugar syrup in the 20lt bucket, heated water to dissolve the sugar then steep the coffee in it.

    * It grows fur overnight! If you turn the machine off overnight it will grow nasty stuff. Left frozen it was fine for days though. I would suggest tossing what you didn't use that day.

    Start experimenting, we produced some really great combinations, I found medium and medium-dark roasts all worked well, very dark roasts will taste ashy though.

    Let us know how it goes!


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      Thank you Andy! I have been talking to a local coffee producer & will be buying a premade cold press 'liquor' that is already sweetened. I will then add milk of choice, it sounds like I may need to do some extra sweetening too (sugar level is important to keep the slush from freezing solid).
      It's really heartening to hear it can be done, most of the info out there seems to be on pre mix only :/


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        Andy this is a bit of a silly question, but when did you add milk? In the slush machine or add after? Thank you!


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          We did both before and after... doing after changes the consistency but also made clean-up easier.
          For my tastes though, the black coffee slushie was far better.

          Like everything coffee... have a play and do what tastes best.