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Mobile coffee vans. LPG/battery verus generator systems.

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  • Mobile coffee vans. LPG/battery verus generator systems.

    I would like to ask any members who have had previous and current experience on either LPG/battery or petrol/diesel driven generators which provides the power for mobile coffee vans and utes. Or even had experience on both.

    Have had thorough consultation with various companies and they will recommend one over the other.

    As far as I know, the conventional generators provide ample power (if correctly matched to the number and power usage of the equipment) but require maintenance at regular intervals (which will incur expenses) and are relatively noisier and create more pollution than the LPG/battery alternative. However the system has had many years usage with many happy users

    The LPG/battery alternative on the other hand is a newer player compared to generators. The espresso machines run on LPG linked to a tank.
    Other equipment like the fridges,grinder, lighting and blender run on invertor batteries which require charging overnight via a outlet from the house. As far as I know it is unsafe to have the LPG heating up the machines while the vehicle is on the move and have to be turned off. The plus is the whole outfit is quieter compared to a equivalent generator running in the background.
    Compact vans seem suitable with this configuration due to more space with a couple of batteries and no generators in the way.
    However I don,t know this set up if it can keep up with high volumes compared to generator vans, especially on busy events on the weekends.

    What are your thoughts and experience?

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    Personally I would want to rely on the extra umph provided by a generator and new ones often come in their own housing and run much quieter than the generators of old and they'll also relatively cheap to run and straight forward to service if anything id want a battery backup just in case ...