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New Coffee Van Business - Startup Advice Wanted

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  • New Coffee Van Business - Startup Advice Wanted

    I'm about to start up a new coffee van business and need advice on equipment to buy. I have bought the van (4m x 2.4m) and plan to work it 6 days/week as my main source of income. I need to buy the following:

    1. Coffee machine
    2. Grinder
    3. Generator
    4. Cake display

    If anyone has just been through the same process I would appreciate any and all advice on what to buy and the best place to buy it.

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    Welcome to CS!

    By your name, you may be in Western Australia? Will help to confirm that for replies.


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      Where in WA are you? If your in WA!
      Espresso Works (in Perth ) for Machine and Grinder, they provide VERY good after sales service as well.
      Generator, talk to an electrician first so you know what size generator to choose from. Then possibly an agricultural supplies shop for purchase?
      Refrigerated cake display - Majors Group , if I remember correctly.


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        Which part of perth or WA are you interested in trading just out of interest?

        Regarding generators, you should be looking at those which supplies the appropriate sine wave for clean power. Honda,s ok. They have their own incorporated tank which requires u leaded petrol.
        Cummins Onan is better. Quieter, arguably lasts longer and are usually plumbed into the vehicle,s fuel tank, if they are matched to fuel type.
        Cummins diesel models are most reputable, which is reflected in its purchase price.
        Then there is the LPG/battery option, which you could also consider.

        Give Carbine Trailers a call. They can assist you further.


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          Thanks for your reply! I will get in touch for quotes! Thanks, Kris


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            Wow, thanks for the details - all info is very appreciated. Kris


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              I'm also interested in a decent coffee if you choose a weekend market I would come around for a try or are you planing to do workplaces all the time(I don't have a fixed address)