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BeanBay: great service Andy.

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  • BeanBay: great service Andy.

    Placed an order Fri last week for 17 kg of green (see below) it arrived this morning well packed, as usual and in good condition, excellent service, thanks Andy.

    Yes, I do have a liking for Ethiopian coffee, the China Mt Gaoligong is an experiment, have never tried beans from this country before.

    Name Quantity
    Ethiopian Gambella Sundried 2.50kg
    Brazil Pulped Natural 2.50kg
    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Special Prep 2.50kg
    Rwanda Nyungwe A 2.50kg
    China Mt Gaoligong 2.50kg
    India Elephant Hills Monsoon 2.00kg
    Ethiopia Biftu Gesha Sundried 2.50kg

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    Yeah, that one shipped Monday and arrived early today... not bad for a heavy carton travelling by road to a fairly isolated area.

    Pity it was a Friday order (the only day we don't ship) or you would have got it even faster.

    Happy roasting.


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      Must agree with Yelta.

      Wonderful service from Bean Bay! Even have the Postman trained. He has undertaken to take the satchel(s) to neighbours rather than leave on the front porch.

      Same postie drops in at the end of a shift every fortnight for a coffee. Good times!


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        There is great potential for coffeesnobs level serbice in sweden. After getting great results from every green bean I have bought from bean bay I arrived in sweden thinking that roasting would be easy. Wrong. Green beans are about AU $50 a kilo and taste pretty ordinary. Coffee generally is pretty ordinary compared with Sunny Bendigo. Go coffee snobs and Get Naked in Bendigo.


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          Originally posted by CoffeeGoose View Post
          Green beans are about AU $50 a kilo
          That would drive me to the Vodka. Is the price of fresh roast more or less than $50/kg?


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            It looks like CoffeGoose has been goosed by the Swedish. $50 is a rip-off. Someone is making a fat profit