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A slightly different take on Coffee... :D

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  • A slightly different take on Coffee... :D

    This was a good read, if slightly off the beaten path of specialist coffee...
    The Case for Bad Coffee | Serious Eats


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    A nicely written middle aged reminiscence of the good old days piece. Of course given his age (I'll guess 45, possibly a touch more.) the reminiscing of his coffee driven memories could hardly be about anything else other than 'bad coffee' seeing as nothing else existed in the US home and restaurant environment during his early years. Coffee houses/cafes were few and far between as Specialty Coffee was just starting to make its way into the US market. 'Good coffee' of that era was anything from a can with instant coffee being the 'bad coffee'.

    Java "Good read, but I'll stick with my good stuff" phile
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      Read it.

      The author just wanted to write a rambling story to show off his prose so wove it around a thin thread of "coffee" related memories. I'll take that story with a teaspoon of salt :-)

      However for a completely different reason I'm all for bad coffee. It's good for us. Why? Cause there ain't enough good coffee to go round. Let the plebs have Folgers, Maxwell, Pablo and Caterers Blend. Other growing nations should stick to the tea they have been drinking for centuries. Let fine coffee remain a ritual of the few enlightened. :-)