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    Hi all - I am looking for a coffee machine for my office at work (in my personal office). I need something that does not need plumbing in - I like the look of the Victoria Arduino Venus (cosmetically it is very nice looking). Does anyone know anything about this machine - reliability, coffee quality, steam pressure etc? Thanks for looking.....

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    Nice looking is an understatement. Wait until you feel the body of the machine and see how it is created. Trying not to sound corny, but the Venus ,imo, is the essence of espresso machines for someone wanting special.

    Our site Sponsor, Casa Espresso has them.

    Victoria Arduino Venus and Theresia espresso coffee machines

    Have had the joy of using 3 different machines when a guest of friends who own a Venus. I found I had no problems after been shown the workings.

    Only point I might add is one of security. Would the workplace be safe for such a beautiful machine? I guess the question also applies for top end espressos. They can be stolen.


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      Thanks for detailed reply... I absolutely love the look of these machines - it will be locked in my office!
      Thanks again...