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  • Basket vs volume vs grams


    Keen to to understand something....

    i understand and the idea that you get roughly twice the volume from a double basket in around the same amount of time. So broadly speaking, 30mls in 30 secs for a single, 60 ml a in 30 seconds for a double.

    My question is, does the time change as grams increase.

    by way of comparison

    i just found I'm putting 18grs into a single basket, and have the grind calibrated to give me a 30 pour.

    Should I be grinding coarser and trying to extract more volume from the relatively high dosage? Or maybe dosing less and grinding finer. Seems like a lot of coffee for 30mls.

    if I switch to a double basket, not sure how many grams that takes but it's more, I'm getting the 60mls in 30 seconds from the same grind setting

    is it the shape of the single basket restricting the flow so my higher dose feels ok with a 30 sec pour?


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    G'day mate...

    Yes, it is the shape of the Single Basket that restricts the flow rate through the coffee cake.

    Really, don't get too hung up on the exactness of details. It's all about quality in the cup and the guidelines that recommend the various volumes in 30 seconds, are exactly that.

    Having said that though, you must have a huge Single Filter Basket that allows you to cram 18g into it. Sounds more like a Double to me and that is probably how I would be using it. Best thing to do, is to pull a few shots of varying volume (by adjusting the grind) from say, 30-60ml, tasting the end result and deciding what tastes best to you. It's all a very individual thing...



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      Click image for larger version

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      These are my baskets...the one on the right is the single. At least i think it's a single. Then again my memory is vague about what the machine came with and what was what. I used to think this was the double, until I bought the one on the left.

      what I do know is that my machine has extra head room on account that it is set up for pods and beans. It's like the shower screen is countersunk some into the assembly. Thus the ability to dose right up to the top of the basket, which is where it seems to like being dosed.

      All that said, I'll definately play around with some different grind settings on it to see how a longer shot tastes. Should be interesting.

      Interesting to me that changing to the double on the same grind setting gives me around 60 mls comparred to 30?

      Will be good to play with it all anew.


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        Yes, that is definitely a Single Basket alright...

        As you say, the extra dose capacity is probably down to the extra headroom available so that might be a good thing; most people complain about having to deal with the opposite....

        Given all of that, I don't think you'll ever need to buy yourself a Triple Basket... 30g is a lot of coffee...

        The 30ml vs. 60ml thing is down to the basket shape/restriction but it is also gives you a bit more flexibility to play around a bit as you say, and that's not a bad thing.



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          Yeah, it's made for some interesting extractions. Def. can't see a triple in my future. At least not for this machine. I read a review once of it that said it makes an ok shot but goes through a lot of beans. I guess this is what they were talking about.