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Buying cups - other than packs of 6

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  • Buying cups - other than packs of 6

    Hello fellow cs'ers.

    My partner said she wanted to get me some espresso, cappuccino cups for me for Christmas

    However she wants me to provide her a few links to where she can buys some - my predicament. I can only find packs of 6 when I really only want singles or packs of 2.

    Anyone know where some good cups can be purchased without having to purchase 6 at a time?


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    I'm a big fan of NotNeutral which are sold in packs of two.


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      Yeah I had a look at them and they look fantastic! Basically exactly what I am after.

      Do they have an Australian reseller?

      The only issue was that shipping was $71 :/


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        I just found that they do have Australia resellers - Thanks a lot Kwantfm!

        Still open to any other suggestions


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          The best place to start looking for "Where do I buy..." anything is the Site Sponsor quote form.
          CoffeeSnobs Site Sponsors Quote

          There is a link to quote form on the top and bottom of every page.

          Casa sell d'Ancap
          d'Ancap Italian porcelain cups

          Veneziano sell Not Neutral and Inker

          and near all site sponsors will have cup options too!

          Although they sell in sets of 6 I'm sure if you ask for them in pairs on the quote form many of the sponsors will have a split pack they could sell from.


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            Thanks Andy - really appreciate it!

            Looking forward to receiving and more importantly drinking the beans I ordered today!

            Today I learnt about the quote function and it is fantastic! I will definitely be using it more often in the future!


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                I love the classic "late" glass - Duxalex made in France and very strong. Available anywhere, about a dollar from Hotel Agencies 298 Nicholson St Fitzroy Vic


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                  As a one-off or "two-off" (as in two cups) Swiss hand-made Terra Keramik are stunning and make a fantastic gift. I'm not sure whether many use them as an every_day-type cup tho?


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                    A few weeks ago I bought a set of 4 Bodum dual wall glasses from HN at half price ($24). 2 were espresso glasses and 2 were latte. I already have the same in cappuccino sized glasses too. All beautifully hand/mouth-blown.

                    Dual wall is the way to go. Keeps you coffee hotter and affogato cooler for longer.


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                      I'm a big fan of the traditional thick ceramic cups, so I bought Rockingham/Premier Tazze cups, but in packs of 6. On my searches I did find aust sites selling them individually (or atleast pricing them individually). Even separate price for cups and saucers.

                      With a small quantity it would probably be best though to walk in and buy without shipping costs massively increasing the price per cup.

                      And an excuse to show my combination of black and red cups that I am really happy with how they look together....
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                        I've recently bought Acme & Co cups - couldn't be more happy with them. They're fantastic.

                        I bought my first lot (flat white cups) from Coffee Parts (site sponsors) and they were happy to split a pack of two different colours for me to take 4 home, and today I bought just two cappuccino cups from a cafe in Sutherland. If you're in Vic, Talk Coffee carries them.

                        They're lovely thick cups, they've made a 'one size fits all' saucer to match, retain warmth very well, and you can actually use the handles.


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                          Originally posted by Andy View Post
                          I love my d'Ancap cappuccino cups. Pretty sure they come in packs of 2. Worth the $$ + Antony is a top bloke...


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                            Thanks for all the insight guys - honestly didn't expect everyone to be so helpful. I have given my partner plenty of options now, it will be interesting/exciting to see what she decides to go with.


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                              Haha that's the best